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    Stewart Willis

    So, I am going through my normal day to day routine; taking calls, meeting with clients..etc.  But, all that is running in the background of my mind is Vegas Baby!!   Who else is ready to rock?   How are your preparations going compared to last year?

    The difference for me this year is that my son will be racing in Tag Cadet this year.  In years past, my son was a bit young.  But, I was more concerned with the crash fest that was once the SuperNats.   Last year there was no crash fest.  I attended to volunteer as a mechanic for a buddy’s kid in Tag Cadet and was happy to see the semi-permanent apex curbing that solved most of the blind hairpin turns of the past  that resulted in tons of wadded up karts.  It is my understanding that there will be even more of these curbs  this year.   So, I am totally comfortable with my kid racing  at the event.

    Who is going to Vegas to participate?  Who is going to just spectate?  Either option is a good one for this must-attend event.



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    Alan Michel

    Same feeling here.


    been there 4 yrs as spectator, will be racing this year. :) cant wait!

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    Thor Mauthe

    Even though my son is still too young to race we’ll be there. The best part is we live in Vegas so the trip is short. Think I’m taking Friday off as well to come watch.

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    Taylor Young

    I’ve been involved in karting for 16 years and I’m finally going as a spectator this year. So excited to see such an amazing race I’ve listened to over the years here on ekn. Maybe next year I’ll race!

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    Stewart Willis

    So, it seems that all the participating teams are running at full throttle!  I think I just visited TonyKart Heaven at PureKarting in Phoenix.  Those guys are burning the candle at both ends.  I am getting 5-10 calls per day from Tag Cadet and Junior dads from all around the country.   Energy is in the air!  A little over a week away and everyone is fired up.    I would love to here some posts from the teams making the cross-country trek from the Rotax Worlds in New Orleans next week and The SuperNats in Vegas….

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    Jason Bell

    Speaking of Vegas can we get some input on lowering the weight on the Tag Masters Rotax Package ? I think it should have been lowered back for the Vegas race. The previous results back it up. Leaving the weight as it is now basically taking it out of contention.

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    Larry Hayashigawa


    I agree, the added weight was too severe of a penalty and should be readjusted probably to 10 lbs instead of the 20 lbs.  At Vegas, the Rotax will be at more of disadvantage so maybe SKUSA should go back to what they started the year with but just for Vegas.


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    Thor Mauthe

    Drove by the Rio on my way home tonight. They are putting up the barriers for the track layout today and a couple tents are going up!!!!

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    Andrew Pachon

    Please post up some photos!!!



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