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      Does anyone know where the Italkart chassis is being made these days?


      I know they used to be made at the SKM factory & when IPK bought that factory I presumed they were still being made there, a buddy of mine was doing a tour of the IPK factory he said he saw no italkarts at all there so now I’m not sure?


      Does anyone know?

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      Peter Zambos

      It is my understanding that they are being made by SKM in their new facility.  I once asked Italkart to confirm this, and they responded by stating a formal statement is coming.  That was a while ago.  I have no worries that this means there is an issue with production, just an issue with communication :)

      I have been told enthusiastically by the folks at L.A.D. “that you should see the new Italkarts.”  I intend to, if Italkart updates their site.

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