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    I am currently running B&S World Formula with a titan clutch(7 2005) on a Maranello frame.  My issue is when I hit about 45 or so there is a chatter / shutter feeling you get in the rear of Kart  I am trying to figure out what it can be, but it is consistent.  I am new to Karting so I figured I would ask around.  the clutch looks to be fine and again it only happens at about 45 miles per hour, but feels rough.


    Thanks in advance

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    Greg Wright

    Out of balance wheel?


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    Thanks for the response. I Do not think that is issue – note it happens for about 1 second and then goes away.  Almost like if you were going over rumple strips in road.  After the 45 it is gone.  It is very consistent, but only for short period of time.

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    Matt Martin

    some kind of problem with balance – wheels or otherwise.  If it’s consistently 45mph it’s some sort of resonant frequency caused by rotational parts – engine (rpm), clutch, wheels, brakes, chain, sprocket, etc.


    Or, if you happen to be at 45mph at the same point on the track each time, it could be track related.

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    I guess I have to figure out where to start.  I took the clutch off and it didn’t look to be noticeable bad.

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    Jim White

    Could you be hitting the rev limiter at the end of the straight?

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    tony zambos

    Make a significant change in your gear ratio to determine if the shutter occurs at the same speed or same RPM.
    Check for worn gears, worn chain or too much slack in the chain.

    LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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