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    Bryan Williams

    I noticed this when I was cleaning my kart after last nights club race. Its not a broken weld its just like the flat part separated from the round part of the spindle the right of the actual weld. the other side is flush and does not have a separation. I don’t know how long its been like that but don’t think it affected handling see as how I finished first in both heats and the main. Also it is a Margay chassis and we race on an asphalt sprint track. Thanks

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    Hey, Bryan!

    This is Fast Freddy

    Just weld it and you’re good to go, no biggie at all

    It probably cracked from going too fast, I noticed as I couldn’t catch you

    Something had to give Lol. ( Man you were flying!!! )

    Another thing to look for is your spindle bearings, they do brake, remove the tie rod ends from spindle and move the spindle side by side, also make the tire straight, grab it and try to move it up and down, if it has significant amount of play

    Replace the spindle bearings and king pins.

    Hope that helps?

    Good race, last Saturday night, Buddy, good job.

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    Bryan Williams

    Thanks Freddy, although I don’t think your going to let me get away with it so easy next race. Should be fun with a big field.

    I checked for play and I have hardly any up and down movement. I might could find a tig welder in town that can tack that back on for me. I wanted to have Orville check my alignment and all that with a laser anyways this weekend.


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    Bryan Williams

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