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      Can someone chime in and help please?

      We’ve been racing 2 stroke for a long time, and recently switched to LO206 in the last 2 years, I knew it was gonna be a learning time as they do drive differently, I know about smooth and easy on the wheel, etc.

      We noticed that no matter what we do or how hard we try to drive fast, slow fast, etc. We’re just not quick enough to get to the guys running upfront, we’re about 1 sec off the pace.

      However, we ran in the rain 2 weeks ago, and we were faster than the usual fast guys, by far. This tells me that rain is a level field for guys that are real good tuners/drivers. Plus smooth/slow is fast. Now I’m trying to translate this for when the track is dry.

      Should I lower the chassis and go wider at rear hubs to free up the kart?

      I just have a feeling we are losing power somewhere due to a bind.

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      Mike Bruce

      I have been watching this post hoping someone would respond. I have had the same experience. Slower in dry conditions, but faster than others in rain. That was my first time driving in the rain, so it had to be the kart. LOL


      Hopefully someone who knows more than me will respond.

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      Steve piggott

      Try soft front stiff rear. No front bar or loose pan bolts, stiff axle short hubs loose seat struts. This has help me

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      Jim Howe

      Freddy and Mike, it does sound like the kart is binding up. The give-away to me is the rain really makes things slick, which frees up the chassis. The other give-away is you’re running a lower HP engine (206 vs. the two-stroke).

      You definitely have to free the kart up to make it roll easily. If you have a 50mm rear axle, change it to a 40mm. Go with short hubs front and rear. If you’re running any seat struts, take them off. If you’re allowed, run a harder compound tire.

      Depending on your kart type (Euro versus American), widen/narrow front and rear tracks to take out grip. Change your torsion bars (if you’re running any) to whatever compound gives you the least grip/chassis flex or take out completely. Like Steve said above, don’t run the floorpan loose (loose allows the chassis to flex).

      Again, the issue is the kart is getting too much grip and the lower HP engine is having trouble pulling it. You’re gonna have to “unstick” it!

      Good luck!!

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      Steve and Jim
      Thank you, so much for your reply and your input, I’ve been trying to thank you both for a long time, but the forum is going through some major repairs and was not able to log in for a long time.

      Yes, I went real wide at rear axle, moved my seat all the way forward and my distance from back of seat from axle is now about 10″ at this point being comfortable I don’t think is what this kart needs, I’m a tall driver, and have always set up my karts to my hight, but for these LO206 I think the only way to go is uncomfortable and undriveable, and hard to handle ( Lose ) I think this might be the only way to go fast.

      Yes, at this moment I have removed seat struts, gone real wide at rear axle, I can try to remove all caster, I just don’t know if I need caster to jack up a little bit yet, I think you guys are right about front bar removal, this track gets extremely grippy, and unfortunately our tires are mandatory (YLC’s)
      Well I’ve done all these adjustments, now I’m gonna have to go and test is, and see what happens, I will keep you all posted. Thank you. FastFreddy.

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      Jim Howe

      Good luck Freddy!

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      Also wanted to let you guys know about the kart
      It is a 2017 VLR 4 cycle style ( Italian made ) small tubing and I think somewhat soft chassis
      I am 6’2″ tall and fat too about 202Lbs
      Everything on the kart is stock, axle is stock as well. with 40mm axle and at the right rear they only come with one axle bearing and cassette, that’s how they all come.
      I currently adjusted the rear ride hight all the way down, meaning I lowered the frame closer to the ground.

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