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      Rob Hogenmiller

      Have a friend that bought a 2006 Energy Kart, he lent it out they seized the motor so he never got to drive it the last few years. Any how just bought a new Swedetech setup, still has the 2006 Energy Kart Chassis, but the cups/seals and pistons have went bad from sitting on the rear caliper. Hard to find parts, would have put this in the classified section although probably not the best place to get the help he needs. He’s called Italy no luck there. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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      Matt Martin

      Have you removed the seals and measured them?  is their cross-sectional shape square?


      is it these calipers?


      There seems to be a lot of cross-over between brake parts, so the measurements can help.  The other critical thing to know is which brake fluid is recommended in the master cylinder so you can match the rubber to the brake fluid type.

      If that fails, there are a number of other rear calipers you can run.  There have been a bunch of affordable WildKart calipers that have come up on ebay with mounting brackets.

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      Michael Valiante

      you can give us a call @ 360-988-5104.    You can also take a look here  http://www.italianmotorsusa.com/collections/brake-hardware-and-seals

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