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      Troy V Smith

      Ok, so I go to change out my brake pads yesterday and find that brand new IKP pads are significantly thinner (at least to me – 1.5mm) than new Freeline pads. With the new IKP’s installed, there is way too much gap between the pad and rotor (at least for me). I know I can shim them up, but guess I don’t understand why? Is there a reason they are thinner? How much “gap” do most people use between the pad and rotor?


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      Doug Ring

      Been a couple of years since I ran the Birel, but shimming is not at all unusual to close the gap. Birel dealers will have them, or you can make some yourself out of aluminum sheet. You may need to trim the retaining screw lengths, if the pads don’t have clearance holes bored through the friction material. IKP’s may be harder, hence less material on the pad?

Viewing 1 reply thread
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