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    Ray Chiappe

    I just looked a couple Sr. Classes in MYLAPS. One had 1 entry and the other had 3! Am I missing something?


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    Brian Patterson

    There was low turnout in some classes. Primarily Yamaha.

    Thank you to IKF, all of the sponsors and everybody who spent 4 days in the 100 degree heat to put on this event! Thank you to Adams Motorsports Park and happy 55th anniversary!

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    Chuck hurlbert

    From an outside perspective looking in and never racing regionally. IKF is so out dated and has piss poor leadership. Its 2015 and they dont even have a Facebook page. How is that even possible if you want to continue into the future?

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    John Kuntze

    From someone who had inside perspective the years of favoritism, post tech inspection violations that were ignored or couldn’t be proven, backwards thinking and treating people like crap I can’t say none of this surprises me. IKF is a prime example of how do to everything wrong in promoting karting. They sure knew how to chase people away by trying to suck every penny they could out of a club and giving nothing in return. As one former board member said it’s our race and we will do anything we want with it you were right you made it irrelevant.


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    Ray Chiappe

    IKF no longer has a Road Race National Event, are the Sprints not far behind?

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