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      Chris Bany

      I’m looking for ideas. I think I have seen some karters attach sand paper around the frame rails with electrical tape.

      Do you protect your frame rails where the engine mounts?  If so, how?  Or, is scratching the paint inevitable?

      Thanks in advance.

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      patrick j slattery

      Some people just sand the paint to bare metal where the mounts rubs for a truer fit.


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      Tim Koyen

      I use the sandpaper method, which is actually emery cloth.  It comes on a roll and works pretty nice.  Helps keep the engine from sliding as well.  The frame looks nicer too when it comes time to sell.  You can also use adhesive backed non-skid tape, which looks very similar and is available from a hardware store.

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      Chris Bany

      Thanks Tim.

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      Brock Weiss

      We use the sandpaper as well and it works great and also looks better when you want to sell it

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