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    Jeremy Baldi

    I know exhaust temp depends on where the exhaust temp sensor is placed  and how far from piston it is.  It also depends on what cylinder, timing, gas and countless other variables on each individual engine.  But is there maxim you would every want to see on a ICC/KZ engine?  The one rule of thumb I have heard is 1200º F is what you shot for.  But depending on the different variables I know on a particular engine it could be different.  Does anyone run theirs much hotter than that?  Is there a temp that will defiantly be to hot no matter what you are running?

    Jeremy Baldi

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    Matt Dixon

    All motors are different, we had 2 motors and one ran best at 1080 and the other at 1150. As for how hot is too hot? Well aluminum melts just over 1300…


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    Jeremy Baldi

    Yeah that is my concern.  On my TM K9b my one cylinder seems to like to run really hot.  I have gone up to 1250º even seen 1275º F.  And it seems like I could lean it down even more because spark plug still seems pretty wet.  But I am concerned with going any leaner with the exhaust temps getting that high.  Didn’t know if anyone else ever got their exhaust temps that high.

    Jeremy Baldi

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      William Martin

      Hi Jeremy,


      Check your ignition advance. Too little and it will be burning in the exhaust, looks really hot on the egt, but you can still have a wet plug.



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    Derek Lodato

    Just run a little richer and temps will come down

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