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    Anthony Lauro

    I have finally come to the sad realization that I don’t have the time to use my ICC shifter.  Between work, family, and my kids sports I simply have no free weekends right now.  My kart just sits collecting dust so I think it’s time to let it go.  Hopefully someday soon I’ll have the time to get another (something tells me that won’t be until they leave for college!).

    The problem is I’m so out of the loop I have no idea what a fair price is.  I was given the kart from my brother in law but he’s very short on info.  All I know is that it is a Trackmagic FTR.  It has a TM K9b engine.  I had the top end done in June of 2012 and it has only had two hours on it since then.

    It also has an Alfano, Brembo brakes, tminus bearings, 50mm axel, Freem wheel, Tillet seat, Champion radiator.  It is in immaculate condition.

    What would a fare price be for such a kart?  I’d appreciate any guidance you can offer so I price it right without giving it away.  I also have a decked out trailer that I’m going to sell also.

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    Keith Bridgeman

    So a few things.  Its a buyers market now in the fall winter so the price will be a bit down compared to spring.   Also hard to tell from the pictures the condition,  it looks clean.   I sold my Trackmagic FTR in 2009 when Trackmagic was still in business for $1400.   So I would say its worth really $1000 – $1200.   The K9B kind of also depends on how much time is on the engine.  If it needs to be rebuilt then its worth $1500,  if its fresh its worth maybe $2000 or a little more.     $2800 – $3200 is your range.   Also are there any extras, wheels etc?


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    Keith Bridgeman

    Also the Trackmagic FTR was made from 05 -07.  I can’t tell from the pics what year this one was.


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    Dave Rutter

    Any details on the trailer – size, location, price? I am in the market for a trailer for next season; email me if you are selling – rutter459@aol.com



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