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    Grant Bovim

    I have three X 30 motors for sale

    One Brand new still in the box complete with all accessories $2500.00 (Sold)

    One 2016 Maintained by Woltjer racing complete with all accessories $ 1800.00(sold)

    One July 2017 maintained by Woltjer also complete with all accessories $ 2000.00(I will be hanging on to this motor at the moment)

    Both Woltjer motors have around 6 hours on them

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    Brian Katz

    Do you Woltjer motors for sale?

    If so, where are you located?


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    Grant Bovim

    Yes Brian I have two motors purchased from Woltjer

    I am in Charlotte Nc

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      Brian Katz

      I will be passing through Charlotte on March 4. If I drop you a deposit through paypal, will you hold one of the motors for me until then?

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    greg seep

    Please email me at gresee@msn.com

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    Grant Bovim

    Hi Brian

    send me your e mail address so we can can arrange for you to get a motor

    regards Grant

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    Brian Katz
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    Zach Louiso

    Grant, email me @ zach.louiso@gmail.com if you still have a woltjer engine available.

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    Bernie Baldus

    Do you still have these?

    If so, please send details on the 2016 and 2017 Woltjer motors.


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    Paul Lynch

    Any motors remaining?

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