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      David Fedler

      For all out there running the IAME Leopard, we have a large inventory of IAME Leopard parts that we would like to liquidate.  If you need any of the following, let us know and we’ll make a great deal for all or some of the following:  david.fedlerATgmail


      10T front gear (2)

      11T front gear (3)

      P1 Carb (HL334AB) (1)

      Airbox (1)

      Water Pump O Rings (20)

      Water Pumps (6)

      Wire Harness (1)

      IAME Clutch Puller (10272-C1) (1)

      Throttle cables (2)

      Throttle cable housing (3)

      Junior Header (1)

      Exhaust pipes (2)

      Exhaust pipe mounts (3)

      Clutch drum with 10T (2)

      Clutch (1)

      NGK BR10EIX (2)

      NGK Iridium BR10EIX (4)

      Pipe Springs (20)

      Carb Rebuild Kits (3)

      Water Pump Pulley (2)

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      Marty Troup

      great pm me on price for the plugs and the carb and kits as well as the clutch friction hubs.

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      Michael perez

      Looking for a used head and cylinder jug

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      tom d

      will header fit 09 if so how much

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      tom d

      price for I AME Clutch Puller (10272-C1) (1)

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