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    Troy Berry

    The Australians have taken the lead on getting a new Motor package developed that they believe will be their primary package at the Club level. They are taking a shipment of 1000 motors and plan to have another 1000 in competition by Mid 2015. Australia is roughly the size of the US. They seem to be fairly unified in their desire to  create a package that can work for a lot of Karters.  I would like to see this package come to the U.S.  Why can’t we do this?


    I am interested in starting a discussion about this motor. A simple to use, reliable air cooled ReedJet with a starter.  Developed to start easily when hot,  and with  a no fuss carburetor. Solid no adjust clutch(x-30) and a pipe. Basically this seems like the modern improvement on the 100 cc package that we have all been waiting for at the Club level.   Like all things  US Karting,  I’m sure it will take a while to see how this motor works out.  But it sounds like they have really done the testing and done their homework.  I have been waiting for a package like this to come around. I raced Tag Masters with a Leopard a few years ago. I have been looking at getting back behind the wheel. But I don’t want the complexity  or cost of a 125 water cooled Tag, and quite frankly at my age I don’t need that much horsepower.  I have been thinking Yamaha or KPV, but we all know the issues with those motors.  And we can’t seem to build any momentum with these motors at our club.  I don’t want to run a 4 stroke, I just prefer the pure sound and feel of a 2 stroke motor.  I think this is a very nice looking package for us weekend warriors to race  here in the U.S. Discuss please!

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    Charles Skowron

    Except that it’s made in Italy and thus retails for almost $3,000.

    I’m assuming that in Australian Dollars, but with the current exchange rate that still comes to right around $2,600 U.S. …. for an air-cooled motor, making a little over 20hp.  And that is with a price discount

    I’ll admit, it is a very nice engine package. It does fit that perfect niche that is sorely missing of being not too fast and complex like a TaG or Shifter, but still much faster than a rental kart experience. And being able to start the thing, by yourself, while sitting behind the wheel. It sounds like a 100cc version of an old Easykart, but without the nonsense of having to buy the entire package, cheap chassis and all, along with it.

    But it really needs to be cheaper. PRD can build a water-cooled TaG for under $2,000, someone should be able to build a push-button air-cooled motor for under $1,500. They don’t mention anything about top-end longevity either, only that it uses the same crankpin as their KZ motor so it should in theory last longer, (the bottom-end at least).

    And then the part about the racer never having to hand-pick for perfect cylinders, thanks to their close machining tolerances… yeah, all right then.

    Which is another issue to consider; if this motor did take off, how would it not be ultimately sabotaged by the unlimited spending of serious racers? Like so many of the other engine packages originally meant for weekend warriors;  Rotax, TaG, Stock Moto etc.



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    Rod Hawkins

    There are so many KPV and yamahas out there, why won’t your club adopt those?  Those motors look a lot like the KPV, for a lot more money.

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    Troy Berry

    It would be better of course if they can get the price down a bit. Buying in mass quantities helps with that.  An X-30  or Rotax package goes for over $3000 USD.   The only system that is missing from the KA 100 is the  radiator, pump, etc.  So it doesn’t seem like  the price is that far out of line with current packages.  With a  battery and a starter  it’s going to be higher than a KPV.  But also much nicer to use for the average guy. Time will tell on the rebuild intervals. As far as builders doing their thing, that’s always going to happen. But it’s not such an issue with most of us at the club level who just want to have fun on a slightly slower 2 stroke.  Yamaha’s have been gone from the Nor-Cal scene for a while now. KPV is mostly  run in the Jr. classes around here if at all.  We run 125 & 80 Shifters,  125 Tags, Jr KPV(2 entries) and Clones.  We need something between Tag and Clone and I think this would bring out another batch of racers into the mix.



    "The Art is in the details"
    BirelArt AM29 LO206
    Intrepid Cruiser KA 100

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    Walt Gifford

    It’s too expensive for the 10-20HP people and the big money people won’t buy it because it’s 100cc.

    I like how they say it runs cooler because it has a compact combustion chamber lol.

    A low compression air cooled piston port with a tilly carb, onboard starter and box muffler on pump gas with a bullet proof dry clutch for $1000 is the perfect kart engine you will never see anyone make.


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    mal crosher

    All is not well in Australian karting.

    Corruption and back room deals between long term friends still dictate things.

    A good $300 ontop of that overly priced reedjet goes to the association for 95% of club karters to prop up the 5% that CiK kart at elite level.

    Testing is a myth and you would not believe the shenanigans behind the swcenes to ensure certain industry players maintain control.

    The sport is about to implode into a million little pieces.

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    mal crosher

    Karting Australia ( formally AKA ) does more to damage the sport in this country than any individual or rival association could ever do.

    A history of corruption, abuse and even assault in some cases is not out of place. Now partly in control with ex multi motogp champion Mick Doohan the sport has never looked as grim . Look into it on places like Kartbook and you will see.

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