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    baruch fishman

    Hi ,

    Do people still compete with the older iame leopard engines?

    how many hours of usage before you need a bottom and top end overhaul on these?



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    Charles Kaneb

    Yes. The old Leopard won the class championship in TaG Senior at East Lansing this year.

    If you spin it to 17000+ it’s a grenade with the pin pulled – no “rebuild” interval.

    If you spin it to 15800 I’d expect 25 operating hours out of both the top and bottom ends so long as you don’t seize a piston.

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    baruch fishman

    Thanks for the info!

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    Craig Drabik

    I do rebuilds after about 10 hours on my MY09 Leopards.  They’re revved to the upper 16s regularly.

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