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    Chad Landers

    I recently picked up a used mini swift for my son.  The engine starts right up when you hit the green button and runs just fine.  However when you press the red button it doesn’t kill the engine like it should.  I have to choke the airbox to kill it.

    My son is not experienced enough to choke the airbox.  I need the red button to kill engine.  I need some advice on fixing the red kill button.

    Could I start the engine and then plug the wire that goes into the red button into the green button instead to see if the actual red button is bad?  Not sure if the engine will still run without the green starter button plugged in.

    Any other things I can check to see why the red button won’t work?  I think everything is wired up correctly.

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    Chad Landers

    Update, took all the connectors apart and sprayed them out with electrical cleaner and now it work.  Stupid electronics.

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