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    Carl McLoughlin

    I have found that Karting is really expensive, and I cannot afford to purchase my own Kart at this moment in time. I really wanted to start Karting in the hope I would be some-what successful.

    Are my hopes ruled out now that I have not started competitive Karting yet?

    I was about to apply for my ARKS licence but saw no use as I can only drive rentals. :(


    I am 16 years of age, I do have local tracks near to me.


    Thanks for reading, I tried my best to find the appropriate section for this.

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    David Cole

    Hello Carl,

    I am not sure what tracks in the UK have it, but there are ‘arrive and drive’ options available, or what we call ‘rental’ karts. I would contact the guys at http://www.karting1.co.uk/ to see what is available in your area.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Carl McLoughlin

    Hello David,

    As a matter of fact, I already started attending many practice ‘arrive&drive’ sessions at the three sisters circuit near to Wigan. http://www.three-sisters.co.uk/


    However, I just don’t feel like it is getting me anywhere since that it is open to the public and I am constantly being rammed and shunted left right and centre.


    If I could afford a kart, trailer, spare parts and many other things it would be great but my initial question was, am I too old to continue Karting and be successful?

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    David Cole


    You are never too old to be karting. The United States has drivers older than 60 and even 70 years old still racing. Karting, as a sport, is a hobby for about 95% of the people involved. The other do it as a profession, or as a building block toward professional motorsports.

    Success in karting will not happen overnight. It takes hard work and determination, just like anything else. If you don’t have the funding, I would stick with ‘Arrive & Drive’ until you can afford to purchase your own kart to race competitively.

    David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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    Carl McLoughlin

    Is there an entry age or specific requirements to qualify for formula racing series?

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    Rob Howden

    Hi Carl,

    I think we should know your age and your ultimate goals. If you want to race karts for the fun of it, and the competition, then you have lots of time to save up the money to start investing in your own racing program. Once you buy your first used karting and the necessary safety equipment and tools, you’ll have equity in your own program and you can build from there.

    If you want to use karting as a stepping stone to a career in racing, it will be a tough road if you don’t currently have the funding to go kart racing. Car racing is exponentially more expensive than club karting, for equipment and the crew etc.

    Let us know a little more about your goals.

    Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden

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