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      Joe Morales

      First thing first I love racing and I will be racing my hole life! South Florida, I believe has a problem with karting. I see all this great karting events happening around the US and world at pristine tracks and dedicated drivers loving the sport. It is a shame to say we race in a parking lot. Why dose not someone realize that the way to get karting to grow is presentation. Presentation is the key to having a successful business, any business man would know wright of the bat that a parking lot for a race track is not good business and will not become any more then parking-lot racing. Now as for a direction a new tack. South Florida is a place that has allot of people with allot of money and if you can host a racetrack with a  layout that’s unprecedented they will follow.

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      Bob Baldwin

      Joe : Do you have any Idea of the Cost to pursue a track such as I think you are describing ? I’m NOT talking just Land Procurement and HARD Construction Costs . By the time you go through the Permit Process , EPA Studies , Lawyers Fee’s etc ; WHERE IS THE PROFIT TO BE MADE ?

      Entry Fee’s would be Prohibitive . A track can NOT stage a National Caliber event EVERY week-end to justify the COSTS involved .

      Having said the above send me 7 LUCKY numbers and I might consider it lol !!!

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      Joe Morales

      Absolutely, but thats what this sport is missing is the presentation. The tracks don’t look good to the eye it looks like a kids hobby. We should focus on what the adults think about. Let’s start putting a purse out there for First through  Third. Let’s give a little back to the weekend warriors. Let’s get away from thinking daddy money daddy can buy anything and think in the real world.

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      Mike Clark


      I live about 10 mins from what may be on of the nicer kart tracks in the U. S. It has grass and is highly configurable. There are a few spots going off looks scary. Last couple of weeks going off made a real mess, looks like the kart was covered in grass and dirt. So in ways I would welcome the parking lot. I didn’t even go off track and had to deal with it. Drainage also can be a problem.

      What is more of a problem is having people with the time to embrace the newcomers that are interested and can’t make sense of all the variances in classes and procedures at the track.

      What I have also seen in many activities is many people want way more than they are willing to pay for. This makes it prohibitive.

      I hate to say it but be grateful you have some local tracks that are sustainable. Not having a local track is probably the biggest hurdle for many would be karters. Not being able to put a dollar amount on cost is also a hurdle.

      I also shoot rifles. Not having any place to shoot past 200 yds (short range) is a big issue for many. Mid range is 600 yds and is rare. Long range is a real luxury.

      Just another take on it.


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      Tim Koyen

      Wow…I thought Florida had a lot of very nice tracks.  Maybe you need to drive a little outside of you home area and see the nicer ones.  Most karters would be thrilled to have so many great tracks in their home state.

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      There’s only one parking lot track that I know of in Florida right now,  and that’s Homestead. I’m not counting Fort Myers because it recently closed (:[ ).

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      Bob Baldwin

      Joe : WHERE do you think that the BIGGEST SPRINT TYPE event is HELD everyYEAR?


      Look at the Large Events Rock Island Grand Prix  Streets of Lancaster literally on City streets with a great Spectator attendence

      Last time I was at Homestead a few years back , I would have bet you $$$ that beside the karters , their family and friends you would have been able to count on All you fingers + a few toes the amount of people that were there Strictly as SPECTATORS .

      In the mid-west there are a few Org’s that pretty much all they race on are Streets and Parking Lots .

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      Brian Degulis

      FL does have some nice tracks. My home track (Anderson Race Park) is clean nicely landscaped convenient open 6 days a week and the people are as friendly and helpfull as I’ve run into karting or otherwise. Ocala Grand Prix, PBIR Homestead and jacksonville are all great tracks. Plus no snow we go year round here you just sweat a lot in the summer.


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      Chuck hurlbert

      To address the other thing you mentioned…. Paying money. In the end it takes money to win money. Once that is the case racers like myself lose all interest because I cannot compete at that level. This is a hobby for most, once you introduce money I am not going to deal with the a– holes that come with it. I would put money on it that there are far more of me then the a–holes. If you chase all of us away who are you going to race? Racing is a bore when just a few show up.

      Yes this is a huge generalization and is more then just racing inspired. If you want money, go race in one of the regional events where $2500 in expenses, just to compete, is a drop in the bucket.

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      Bob Baldwin

      CHUCK : +1 and on a NATIONAL level $2500 .00 is the TIP of the iceburg

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      TJ Koyen

      We’re getting off topic, but money doesn’t do the trick.

      There was a lot of big money races this year in sprint racing and a few got cancelled because of lack of entries I’m assuming.

      If karters were in it for the money, they wouldn’t be karters.

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      James McMahon

      At this point all I have to say is that there is MUCH more to presentation than the track surface. Yes its important, but really I think its the minds behind the running of the show that REALLY make the difference.


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      mike clements

      Karting got it’s start in the Rose Bowl Parking Lot. It’s not the parking lot holding your club down. Just find another lot. But this time find a parking lot right beside a big freeway. The traffic passing right by your racing will turn around and find their way to you. A year of that and your membership will rise to the point where you can likely afford a purpose built track, etc.
      Certainly worth a shot.

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      jim lewis


      Florida in fact probably has more actual kart tracks than any other state in our great country.

      The Orlando kart track is a GREAT! track. A few others – Anderson, OGP, JAX (free), Monticello (long track), and PBIR, all pretty good tracks. No matter where you live in the sunshine state you can be at a track within a hour or so.

      I also hear great things about the Homestead track – just because it is a parking lot does not mean it is not a good track. As Bob said the best race of the year is held in a parking lot at the RIO in Las Vegas.




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