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    Kelly Read

    With the new EKN web site, I wanted to update those who are or thinking of coming to the KART nationals at HPT-Topeka Kansas October 4-6, 2013.

    I am currently working on the event schedule. As of now, plans are to run the superkarts the same as we did in 2012. This would be:
    Friday – 15 minute qualifier( end of day after practice)
    Saturday – Pre-final Last race of the day. (25 minute race)
    Sunday – Final – 2nd race, right after a 30 min. race. (25 minute race)

    Classes: FE TWIN ICE, GAS GAS, UNLIMITED (which includes CR250 Honda)

    Rules: Same as 2012. Will get them posted

    Fees: $350.00 (Includes Friday practice, qualifier, pre-final, final, KART membership).

    I will post here when information is finalized and put on the KART web (www.kart.org).

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    Kelly Read

    About done with event schedule and entry forms. This information will be posted on the KART web site (http://www.kart.org) within the next few weeks.

     Working on class sponsorships for the event, anyone interested in sponsoring GAS GAS or UNLIMITED?? Johnny has taken the FE TWIN ICE.

    Sponsorship fee is $100.00 for the Superkart classes.  Reserved pit spot if you like (excluding garages).  Can contact me at 316-218-3645 or at donnaandkelly@hotmail.com

    Kelly Read  (THE MAN)


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    Kelly Read

    We now have sponsors for all 3 Superkart classes.  The event information should be posted soon on the KART web site.

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    Kelly Read

    The 2013 K.A.R.T./MARRS – RUSSELL KARTING SPECIALTIES roadrace event and entry forms are now on the KART web site (http://www.kart.org). After logging on, go to the RED box to the right side and scroll down to HPT then click on “Entry form”.  Be sure to look at the entry form that has “SUPERKARTS”. The other entry form is for all other classes. 

    FYI,    On the SUPERKART entry, it has the prices of the pit passes.  As a reminder, there is 1 DRIVER pass included in the entry.

    Credit cards will be accepted.

    Will not be allowed into the pit area until 5:00pm on Thursday. Remember, we have pit spots reserved for class sponsors so be sure to check with myself or Maysha before going down on the lower level.

    Any questions, contact myself (316-218-3645, donnaandkelly@hotmail.com), KART office (918-283-1877) or Jim Edgington (316-305-8361)

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    Kelly Read

    Are you ready??

    Looking forward in seeing the Superkarts at HPT Oct. 4-6. 

    If you would like a garage, see me when you arrive and I will get with the track personell to get them opened.

    C U all soon!!!!




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    Joe Street

    Any idea of number of Superkarts entered? Also, is unlimited – Rotax and Honda CR250’s?

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    Kelly Read


    Last I heard there were 9 Superkarts pre-entered and expected more.

    As for Unlimited, This is the KART Unlimited class where a mix of kart/engines run (250 G.B., twins, 125 G.B., Tags).

    This will be my last time to get on here before we leave in the morning (Thursday). If you need anything, contact me at 316-218-3645.

    C U all soon.


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