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      Curtis Cooksey

      I know it rained on Sunday, how was the turnout?

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      Howie Idelson

      CalSpeed did an amazing job. If you didn’t know that there was drama you wouldn’t have noticed anything. Many of the same personal working the event and it went really smoothly. The pits were packed as usual and the event staff were great even with the rain. Hats off to CalSpeed for picking up the pieces and kicking butt.

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      Jason r ewers

      U guys are killing me. Talking about being at the track. We have 6″ of snow and hovering around 0deg. Good news is new castle is scheduled to open in a week and a half

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      Joe Johnson

      Practice Saturday was on time and a lot of it.  They came by our pit before the end of day and said they would open the gates at 6:00 am Sunday.  All the qualifying and heats went without rain. Then the skies opened up and the rest is history.  We signed up to race with LAKC but situations changed and appreciate everyone that made the weekend happen.  Hopefully there will be a March race!!!

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      Tom Jensen

      The same thing happened at LAKC’s first race at CalSpeed. It poured and the tracks was flooded. Thanks to Tom Pacheco and Mexican Dave, the water was pumped away and the track was slightly reconfigured. After that it only got better.

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      Daniel Charles

      It was a serious disaster with the way the weather was.


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