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    After taking the engine off and cleanign the chassis down with wd40 is it ok to store the chassis in a shed or garage that is not temperature controlled? It does get cold here and was wondering how that effects the chassis? My other option is to bring it in the house but the wife doesn’t really like that option. :)

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    tony zambos

    The kart should be fine. All of our karts have been stored over the winter in my garage. It is an attached garage, but it sill gets very cold here in Chicago. Come spring, check the brakes before hitting the track. Occasionally, I dismount the tires. Have had the moisture in the tire sometimes cause corrosion of the rims.
    For the engine, I add Mavel Mistery oil through the spark plug hole to coat the cylinder wall. Come spring, rebuild the carb. If you have a water cooled engine, either keep indoors or drain every once of water out of it.

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    Harrison Potsworth

    For storage, I like to clean the gas tank out with a splash of mineral spirits too. Some use white vinegar for the same purpose.

    I store one in the shed, and one in the house :p

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