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    John Barthelmass

    Looking to remove the rear axle bearings from the carriers on my OTK for cleaning & maintenance. Of course, the axle is removed already. I’ve got the bearing assemblies removed from the kart, and have removed the “pinch” bolt on the carrier. But the bearing doesn’t want to budge. What’s the trick to remove the bearing from the carrier without damage to either piece? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    Jim Stine

    Stick the axle into the bearing to use as a leverage bar. You need to rotate the bearing 90 degrees on a horizontal axis to remove them from the carrier. You’ll see the slot on the carrier where it pulls out, that’s your pivot point.

    You can set/bolt the bearing in the hanger on the chassis and stick the axle in the bearing sleeve, pull up, or push down. Or you can do it off the chassis. I usually just stand the axle up vertically, slide the bearing on the top of it and tap the carrier on the top or bottom with a rubber/plastic mallet to get it to rotate.

    make sense?

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    John Barthelmass

    Thanks Jim…..much appreciated!

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    Walt Gifford

    The trick is to get the axle the same height on both sides and square with the chassis when you put it back in.


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      John Barthelmass

      Duly noted Walt. Fortunately, my (2013) T.K. has three distinct positions as far as setting the rear axle vertically (as opposed to slots on some of my previous karts), so that makes it a little easier to set the axle and rear ride height. As far as getting the axle square with the chassis, I’ve always measured equally from the outside bearing carrier to the adjacent end of the axle. I usually also measure from each end of the axle to the front wheel hub on the same side, but my understanding is that primarily squares up the front end prior to alignment. If there’s something I’ve missed, or if you have any suggestions toward reinstalling the axle better, I’d appreciate any feedback. Always something more to learn!

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