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      Paul Hir


      Was wondering how to identify the different PRD engines? I know there is a Water cooled, air cooled, and 80CC (?), also I heard that if the cylinder head is black, that its a newer model.

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      Roberto Perez


      Hi Paul,  I owned before a 2008 model and 2011 model, you are correct the newer model had the cylinder head in black..  

      Contact Art at PRD USA .com 

      ** never heard of an air-cooled PRD, but I could be wrong. it may exist.



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      Stephen barthelmass

      The air cooled and the 80cc never really made its way over to the us. And if it is tag its for sure a fireball 125. If the head is black it is the the newer motor. Then it all comes down to ignition and clutch style. If its got the sudper clutch and easy start its the newest version. If it has the old ignition but “newer style clutch but with friction material its one version older.

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      Peter Zambos

      Water cooled: has radiator
      Air cooled: no radiator
      80cc: smaller.

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