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    Mark Parker

    ive got a 49″ tall driver so our pedals are highly modified. What would the desired pedal throw be to go from idle to wide open throttle? Thanks for the input!

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    tony zambos

    adjust the pedal stop to where your driver is comforable with it fully depressed and adjust the throttle cable until the carb is completely open. To be honest, I’ve never measured the amount of travel. Many pedals have a couple of positions for the cable and you can used them to tune the rate the carb opens. When there is no pressure on the pedal, there should some slack in the cable. Be more concerned about the brake pedal than the gas. Your driver will find a way to get the gas pedal all the way down. Be sure the driver can stop the kart. Use a return spring on the gas pedal.

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    Mark Parker

    Do you want the throttle pedal in these to work more like an on/off switch (short throw) or do you want the ability to find half throttle with a longer throw?

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    Christian Fox

    Mark, the current dellorto vhsb 34 carb doesn’t work in an on/off set-up; it’s too big. Kids have to roll onto the throttle or else they’ll just bog down. Supposedly the new Evo carb can be stomped, at least more so than the current carb.

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