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    Tom Petalino

    so i have about 14 hours on my pro built lo206 in the last two years. Wondering when i should rebuild or replace engine parts?  Lap times are about the same as when it was new. No noticeable dropoff. How many hours are they designed to last  under race contitions?

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    I once spoke to an old man, when I first got interested on this package, he pointed out to the driver leading the race at the local track and said: See that motor there!? This is the 5th season on that motor and we have done nothing to it!!!!!!! Other than just regular maintenance.

    So I Know I can count on at least 3 years and a good chance I can get to 4 if well maintained.


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    Tom Petalino

    Thanks Freddy, I was hoping you were going to say that.

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    George Young

    I guess time can be an issue, but the proof is in a leak down test. Simply put the most can be gained in the 206 with a good sealing valve. In KPX we lap valves every 2-3 races. Many times if the engine is apart already every race. I admit that to be excessive. At club level lapping the valves at half season should keep you very competitive. It may be that your driving skills and Kart setup skills can help much more than the focus on the engine. At higher level where everyone is fine tuning their karts, every three races max. The courts out on the valve springs and different engine builders/ mechanics have there own opinion on that. I think replace at half season.

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