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      I just got an old Parolin racing kart (cik fia 212 CH08, think it’s this¬†http://www.parolinstore.com/files/download/OMOLOGATION_Fiche_Parolin_Eurostar/Omologation_CIK-FIA/Omologation_CIK-FIA_2003-2008/Parolin_212-CH-08.pdf
      And I need a new rotor since the one on it is warped pretty heavily. I also want to pick up a brake disc and drive chain guard. Where is the best place to buy parts for karts? Do I have to buy them from parolin in Italy or are things pretty interchangeable inside classes?

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      William Martin

      I have one from about that vintage, for parts you might try Russell Karting, (russellkarting.com) they are the Parolin contact for USA. There isn’t anything unique about non-floating brake rotors, the mounting pattern is kind of standard, just measure the diameter and thickness of the rotor and match that with the new one. Now someone will point out a pathological case! Plenty of places to find bolt-on rotor guards, just realize that nothing is bullet proof, if you hit it with a big enough bullet!

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