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      Ken Marcotte

      Hello everyone, just wondering how you all go about transporting your karts to and from the track? How many of you use an open trailer? If so, will a 4 x 8 utility trailer do the trick or possibly a 5 x 10? Do you lock the kart to the trailer if you stay overnight somewhere?

      Im coming from roadracing motorcycles and never had the luxury of an enclosed trailer. An enclosed trailer is not really in the budget for the upcoming 2015 season so I will have to get by with an open trailer for a season or two.

      Thanks for the help.

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      Years ago with my open trailer we would find motels with sliding glass doors to the parking lot. Then unload  everything into the hotel room. I wouldn’t even think about doing that these days. Enclosed is the way to go. 6 x 10 v nose is what I have,paid 2500.00 new. Check around some really good deals on used stuff.  Small open trailers work good. Look for used snowmobile trailers.


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      Sebastian Sarmiento

      I’m on the same boat Ken, I got a double stacked open trailer. I’ve a friend that can weld and doing the math the other day, with about $200 you can make it an enclosed trailer (of course, not 6-8 height, but enclosed enough to lock everything inside.

      I’ll do it, I can send you pics of the work how we progress, if you want. It’s the best and cheapest option before jumping into a enclosed 2-3 k trailer.

      just my 2 cents.

      Good luck with whatever you do.

      I wish you twice as much of whatever you wish for me. : )

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      Hey, Sebastian

      I may end up going to Button Willow tomorrow morning again, as it rained so hard today, as soon as I got to the track.

      Steve and his family were there, and we decided to wrap it up and leave.

      I’m gonna try to make it by 12pm, and if we meet there we’ll let you take the beast for a spin.

      Also I have a brand set of MG Yellows, in the wrappers. Do you know of anyone that can use a set for cheap?

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      Shawn Welte

      We have a garage built enclosed double stack small enough to be pulled behind a mini-van, upper floor is of plywood with tie downs in the frame and floor.  Back end is like a regular enclosed trailer that you normally see.  Then we have an angular nose in the front, to help the aerodynamics and with its own hatch for hauling tool boxes and such.  Everything is lockable.  The other thing done with it is has 17-inch rims so it pulls fairly easy.


      Bug - Alley Kat II - McCulloch - Coyote - B&S LO206

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      Rod Hawkins

      It really depends on what you want and need. For me, space and cost are a huge factor. I don’t have a lot of space. I started with using me foldable utility trailer that I use for my dirt bikes. Worked great, and I could set it up in less than 1/2 hr, but it was still kind of a pain. One race I took off one side of wheels and nerf bar and put it in back of my wife’s SUV (which a lot of people do this or put in back of truck).

      Then I got to thinking that my buddy had one of those motorcycle carriers for his hitch. I thought that if this could be done for an upright motor that weighs much more, it should be easy for a kart that is low and flat. I starter looking for a pre manufactured one, and only found one that was well above $500. So i figured I would do something on my own. After all, the karts only weigh between 150-200 lbs.

      I ended up buying a simple cargo carrier that has a 500lb wt limit and lining it with rubber hosing (so it doesn’t scratch my frame) and it works great. Feels like I have nothing back on my car.

      Before when I had it on my trailer I would lock my kart to trailer and trailer to my car. I never worried too much about it over night, but I have only done it a couple times.

      Will post pics in next reply

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      Rod Hawkins

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      Rod Hawkins

      In the above image it looks like the kart is much wider than the car, but it isn’t.

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      Something to really consider is overnight staying at hotels/motels and thieves

      The other thing is weather conditions

      I went to Button Willow for a practice day yesterday with my shifter kart, I thought it was very simple to just throw it on the back of my truck and just go ( since it wasn’t even a race day )

      As soon as I got there it started raining hard, like pouring cats and dogs

      My beautiful clean kart turned into a soaken wet madness

      So I had to work a lot harder to take it back to the shop, dry it out, and making sure every nut and bolt, fasteners, chrome pieces were free of water, then sprayed the whole thing with WD40, and wiped it down with a towel.


      All that could have been avoided if I had taken an enclosed trailer to the track

      My 2 cents. Fast Freddy.

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      Rod Hawkins

      Freddy,  there was rain predicted all day yesterday (which we haven’t gotten in forever).  A simple check of my weather app avoided that situation yesterday. An enclosed trailer helps that, but if you are at the track and it is raining the kart is already wet.

      I also have a cover for my kart. If it is foggy or light rain, it works well.  I also have a large tarp for my trailer in case it does rain, it’s pretty easy to throw over.  Sure an enclosed trailer is nice, but absolutely NOT a necessity for this sport.

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      Ken Marcotte

      Thanks for all the replies and ideas, this was really helpful. I appreciate the pics too, pretty slick set up on the back of the Honda.

      Im not due for another vehicle for a couple years, my next ride will be more trailer or cargo friendly.

      Thanks for all the advice, much appreciated!

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      Chuck hurlbert

      I have a 5 x 8 enclosed. It works great but can be small at times. I have to load/unload the entire trailer to get the kart in and out. Rear Wheels and plastic bumper have to be removed to load the kart, which is a PITA if your in a hurry. A bigger trailer is next but dont know when that will be, just bought the truck to pull it with.

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        Ambrose Buldo

        I have a 16′, enclosed trailer that I keep at the track.  Unfortunatly I no longer have a tow vechcail big enough to pull it.  Since I wanted a small trailer to keep around the house for  Home depot or dump runs a purchased the Harbor Freight 4X8 foilding open trailer.  I am limited in garage space so the folding part was important to me.

        I assembled the trailer this weekend.  Only thing left is to put plywood decking on.  I have a couple questions.

        Making this thing foldable requires the removal of two carraige bolts on each side.  anyone come up with a tool-less alternative?

        I eventualy plan to add an elevated deck to get over the fenders and wheel (Trailer is 48″ wide, Kart is 56″). Deck/platform will be high enough to throw kart stand, tool box, easy-up and folding chairs under it.  I’m guessing 2nd level (Kart level) is maybe 16″ higher then main deck. Anyone got any pictures of thier verson of using the 4×8 HF trailer for kart?

        Anyone fitting the kart on the trailer with no modifications (I.E stripping it down a bit, loading in front, loading sideways, loading kart(s) on kart stand, angled)?

        Any issues of transporting Rotax Kart at angle of even upright?

        If you have pictures please post or send to abuldo at aol dot com.



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      I had the same trailer for years, best little trailer I ever had for $300 bucks!
      I had no issues with the bolt removal to fold it.

      But if you wanna improve that, for a fast removal
      Then just drill the provided bolts and put a quick release pull pin and good to go, or just simply buy 2 quick release pin kits and good togo

      Or don’t put anything at all, but you will have to trust that the swivel hinches won’t crack and come apart ( NOT SAFE ) ;0…… mY 2 cents. Fast Freddy.

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      Ambrose Buldo

      Freddy – Thanks for the quick reply.  Never thought about drilling the carriage bolt and installing a Jesus Clip. This allows me to use stock holes as I’d rather not drill more holes then necessary in the frame,  I’d definiatly  NOT trust the swivel hinges.


      I found this picture out there…. do you think a full size kart (Rotax iKart) would fit this way with side-pods an bumpers removed?   I don’t have access to a kart to check…




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        Scott Newton

        I have that trailer (4×8′ folding Harbor Freight). My full-size shifter kart fits on there just fine with none of the bodywork removed and a full-width plastic bumper. I just have to put it on backwards (front to rear), that way the narrower front fits between the fenders and the legs used when the trailer is folded up. The rear does hang over the edge by about half a tire’s width on both sides, but it’s never been a problem.

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      I think it will fit, as long as you put the narrow part of the front by the wheel fenders you’ll be ok.
      Otherwise you’re gonna have to install blocks of wood under the kart tires.
      It is crazy to think that at some point I put 3 karts in a little trailer like that, all standing up, one after another, back in my younger years. Wow I just hurt my back thinking about it. :)

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      Steve O’Hara

      Here’s how I carry mine for one day outings. Plugs into hitch receiver and serves as a vertical stand when storing the kart in the shop… just plug in the wheel assembly on each side and pull it out of the receiver and roll it away.

      Steve O’Hara



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      Ambrose Buldo

      Thanks for all the input here.  Encouraged by it, I took a 4X8 sheet of plywood I had hanging around the house, cut it in 1/2 so I ended up with 4X4 and bolted decking on to trailer.  Took it ot OVRP this weekend and used it to bring Kart home.  Kart fit perfectly, with all bodywork on and wheels at race width.

      As suggested I put it on backwards. The front wheels cleared the caster legs by an easy 2.5″ each side.  The bodywork cleared the fenders by over an inch and the rear wheels only hung over by 1.5″ each side.  Not enough to cause me concern.

      When I re-do the decking, I will get 2 sheets of plywood and overlap the frame in front by an inch or two each side.  I may go a little wider in the rear as there is no caster clearance issue.

      Debating if I add a second level to raise kart so I can store stand and tool box under the kart. May not be worth the effort.

      Going to replace standard Harbor Freight Lights with the LED lights. Going to put rubber isolators between fender mount and frame as I doubt fenders can take the vibration long term.  Going to eventially add bearing buddys and a bunch of D rings/tie down points.



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      Scott Newton

      The biggest advantage you’ll gain by making the deck wider is that you can then build a simple clamshell out of thin plywood and 1×1’s to make the trailer weather tight. With the kart hanging off each side, as it is right now, it would be much more difficult to do this.

      Another expansion of the second deck idea would be to build the second deck at exactly the right height that you could slide the kart right off the stand and onto the trailer – possibly even slide it “into” the trailer by making the top shelf an enclosed/weather tight area. This should give you 12-16″ of space between the decks to store your stand and everything that goes with the kart.

      Of course at this point you’re basically just re-engineering a 6×12″ enclosed trailer – but I suppose you’ll have much less money invested to get you there.

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      Ambrose Buldo

      There is no need to go to the extreme of building a clam-shell to make the Kart compartment weather-tight for a number of reasons.

      1. Want to keep the trailer foldable

      2. I have a 16′ enclosed trailer to store kart at the track

      3. I have Garage to store Kart at home

      4. Kart will only be exposed to elements during the tow process (Normally less than two hrs)

      If I build a second level support structure for the kart, it will be simple enough to be removeable to allow trailer to fold.

      Second level support, will be as you suggest at kart stand height so I can load solo.

      I have the winter to think about it.  Right now pleased that I can use trailer “As-Is” if I decide to do nothing.

      I’ll post a picture or trailer with kart on it shortly.  I will be upgrading to LED Lights, adding bearing buddies and maybe picking up a spare hub.



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      I made a 2nd deck, just like you need. It was real simple and cheap
      Once I made up my mind how I wanted it, and where I wanted the brackets to be
      I asked my old boss to sell me exhaust pipe, I bent the pipes with the bender at 90 degrees on each end, I built 2 of them along the middle of the trailer (they looked just like a stairway rail in a swimming pool)
      Then I welded a couple of pipes across each rail for extra support, and there she was! The whole assembly begging for installation

      The 2nd step was to find more junk/left over pieces of exhaust pipe to build the receiving brackets. I cut 4 pieces of pipe (same lenghth) I flared them up to fit the legs of the deck, then I welded 2 on the back of the trailer, and then 2 on the front.

      When it was all done I could pick up the whole assembly solo, and stab it in the holes, and be done with it, didn’t even need fasteners, as the waight of the kart would push it down. I could put 2 karts on top side ways , no problem.

      Then come home, unload the karts, remove the rack ( 2 minute job) Remove the 2 bolts and fold it up, put it away, and no one would know what just happened. ;)

      Sorry, no pictures here, just try to picture in your mind. I will work
      It was a few years ago, and I only paid my boss $40 bucks for the pipes.

      P.S. I never had to worry about having extra hubs or buddy, as when I put it together I repacked the bearings by hand with real good bearing grease, plus the hubs had a lube fitting for a grease gun, never had a failure with them, and I used to carry heavy loads of building materials, appliances, furniture when we moved, etc.

      Anyhow, loved that little trailer. Hope this helps you. Fast Freddy. ;)

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      mike wu

      2004 honda pilot.  I take the front bumper, rear tires, and sidepods off (it can fit with one sidepod and rear tire on, but I found it easier this way). I can take everything apart and load everything I need including kart stand in  about 10 minutes.

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      Bryant Fong

      Rod Hawkins what kind of cargo hauler is that?  Most I’ve seen aren’t wide enough..
      Steve O’Hara where do I buy one?  What do I even google to find it..

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      Bryant Fong

      Something like this would be perfect but it looks too narrow: http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200466691_200466691

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