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    Bill Schmidt

    I know they are smaller than our shifter karts, but can they be hauled in the back of a Subaru Forester, with the back seat folded down? Looking to buy a kid kart for my Grandson.

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    Scott Boito

    Depends on what size.  If you’re talking about the “baby” kart, for 5-8 yr olds, then absolutely it will fit.  The baby karts are the smallest and usually only run with the Comer C50/51 or the newer Honda GX50 motor.  There is no minimum weight and the wheelbase is only 30-35″ and total length is around 50″ with nose attached.  Maximum width is 42″ and usually narrower than that.

    Cadet karts are longer and a bit wider.

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    Scott Boito

    Bill, if you haven’t visited previously, check out http://www.kidkarters.com/get_started.htm for some pretty good info.  You’ll already know a lot of it, but there are some good reminders in there.

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