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      Chris Hutchinson

      For those that had the opportunity to attend the 2017 SEMA show in Las Vegas last month, probably saw Honda’s 250cc 4 Stroke Concept Shifter Kart. Another deviation from the 125cc format.

      Honda states” This concept for a next generation racing kart is based off the lastest Honda CRF25R engine, and features an electric start, 4 stroke powerplant that simplifies engine tuning for various conditions and better simulates the type of power generated by the vehicles racers encounter as they move up the racing ladder”

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      Clark Gaynor Sr.

      Chris, just curious, were there many/any electric racing karts/cars at the show?  It seems pretty obvious that in the not too distant future that will be the direction motorsports will be headed.  Example Formula E.

      Interesting stuff..thanks,

      Clark Sr.

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        Chris Hutchinson

        Clark there were so many products and things of interest, every time I thought I saw something that amazed me. I would then walk 10 feet and saw something else. Anyway’s, I do not recall seeing any electric type karts on display, not saying none was there, because it’s takes about 3 days just to see it all.

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      bo rougeou

      Fish is working on a cam for it


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      Bob Davies

      What a terrible idea…   unless you sell Honda CRF parts?

      These 250f’s have been devastating to motocross racer’s operating budgets worldwide since  2002.

      When they blow, and they always do, its $2k +…

      Don’t believe me…   read MXA or TransworldMX.

      How can you possibly improve on the existing KZ platform for HP and center of gravity?

      Shifter racing will never be cheap, but this would be doom for the masses.

      $2k vs some cheap top-end kits?

      Next issue is center of gravity…   No thanks Honda CRF!!!

      Why do we need to learn this lesson over again?




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