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      jeff standridge

      Has any one ever tried running the Honda TRX 250R motor on super kart.

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      Jason Standridge

      You will need more to out run little bro:-)

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      Chris Reinhardt

      The first thing you want to ask is; “Can I buy one ready to race?”  Then you could probably build one and it most likely will work.  If not, you might spend A LOT of time and $$$$$ chasing your tail and not turning laps…

      If you anybody that’s turned a wheel in a Superkart, the NUMBER ONE BIGGEST ISSUE is motor related.  Find something reliable, tune the chassis and you will be waaaaaay more happy than experimenting with a non standard engine package…



      Chris Reinhardt

      CR2 Motorsports


      XV Racing Products



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      Dan Davis

      Yep, and I’m quite sure Jim McMillan would add a big “+1” to the $$$ statement with regards to the development they went through with their TRX250 project.

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      jeff standridge

      Thanks for all of the info guys, I think I will go with Lawsons idea and just put 2 CR 250’s on it and have some fun.

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      I know a guy in Vegas that races the Honda TRX and does really well with it. He has developed the engine himself over the years and is very competitive.

      He should be at the Big Willow race next month.

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      Dan Davis

      Yes,  McMillan Racing who developed the Nemesis superkart chassis some years ago did some development with the TRX250’s.  I believe the only real benefit was the counterbalance shaft and a six speed transmission.   If I remember correctly there were transmission issues with regards to gear ratios not particularly suited to superkart racing.  I think they developed and had gear sets made at a high price which offset the benefits to none and popularity never took off.  There may have been other issues leading to it not becoming popular that I am not aware of.

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      Robert Lawson

      I had a 86 TRX 250 engine a bunch of years back and looked into this.

      At the time I was using DDR to do my RS 125 stuff and he said it would make a great engine……with a bit of updating.

      “Updating” is a nice word for “Credit Card number please….” ;)

      Needed certain model CR cylinder, aft market ign./head/pipe/reeds/cage….etc., etc…..

      It’s a package……it’s always a package!!!!!

      Yes, the counter shaft and 6 speeds was nice but the engine was very heavy. For the $$$$ and work, your better off with the CR dude.

      Never did the mods but we did run it twice, on a laydown at Grattan and Gingerman. The guy driving it was just 150lbs, it was quite a handful. He never drove it again!!!!! :)

      Just put 2 – CR 250’s on that thing man!!!!!!

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