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    Ronald Salas

    motor only runs well with choke 3/4 on (3/4 closed)… we’ve tried both a blue printed carb and the stock Honda carb… seems to run a little better with the stock carb but choke still needs to be 3/4 closed… engine has a 32 degree aluminum flywheel… has standard key in it… it ran good before when it was on my other sons cadet kart but after installing it on a jr/sr kart is when it started acting up… really need some advice or comments please…

    checked for air leaks on carb but found none… ordered two carb gaskets and a jet kit with 8 different jet sizes from OMB warehouse to try those out when they arrive… running lean (needs more gas so a bigger jet opening?)

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    Ronald Salas

    replaced the emulsion tube with one with 40% more fuel pick up from OMB warehouse and now finding the right jet (gonna try .37) and hope it does the trick… getting there…

    installed new air filter intake/adaptor from ARC Racing… should let more air in but still running rich now with a .40 jet… gonna try the .37 again… wish me luck

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