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      Robert Horvath

      UPDATE :

      FYI Shifter Go Kart Guys,

      For the open/modified
      class of Honda CR125 Shifters.

      The very short fuel path direct fit Honda CR125 Shifter intake manifold for 38mm 2 flange bolt types of carburetors is all done .

      It has a 11 degree right rotation angle
      to to clear the kick start bump ( Carbs like the externally adjustable Mikuni 38mm Carbs work really well )

      No more rubber boots with right angle turns to disturb the fuel flow !

      And even a more perfect fit when used in conjunction with the V-Force 3 Reed Cage box .

      I’m getting this experimental test carb fitted up to the CR125 Honda.

      Mikuni Super Butterfly Type SBN38mm Diaphragm Pump Carburetor
      No jets to change ever (well almost never) as it has easy to get to externally adjustable low & high speed mixture screws just like the Vortex RoK-tt carb only a much bigger bore (38mm) to fit the CR125 Honda engine and the fuel pump is built right in too.

      I’m getting tired of always taking off the carb to change the high & low speed pilot jets and I don’t care for float types of carbs either.

      These are one of the best performing and easy tuning carburators that money can buy.

      see below:
      Honda CR125 Intake manifold

      Intake and Mikuni Carb

      Intake and car together

      Thank You


      Robert Horvath

      W352N6446 Road J
      Oconomowoc Wi 53066 U.S.A.



      Robert Horvath

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