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      Adam Bray

      Im new to karting and have a curious question.

      Since all the stock 125cc shifters in the US are using 99-2001(?) Honda CR engines, is Honda still currently supplying new engines and parts from old molds? Or are these $5,000 engines I’m seeing for sale from karting supply websites, older refurbished engines from the early 2000’s or so?

      I’m currently going the 4 stroke, 206 route. Would like to consider shifters in the future. Was not sure how hard new engines or parts would be able to get in the next couple years. I’m curious if there will be a change from CR125’s to something else like MotoX 4 250cc 4 strokes. It seems like there would be.

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      Matt Martin

      Previously Honda was still producing all the replacement parts and the end-user, or a shop would assemble them.  It seems that now honda is selling factory units, again:



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      Alan Michel

      Honda still produces the parts,  to keep our shifters alive.


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      Mark Traylor

      they do still make the parts but they really would like to discontinue them. when the CRF 450 first came out the team I worked with were given 2 engines to replace the Rotax 257 we used on the road race superkat. It was really pretty good. We ran the engine bone stock and was not quite as fast as the 257 it was close due the the drive ability of the power curve and superior driving. When people tried to make them as fast as the 250 it all went wrong. engines started failing with very expensive bills to repair them. If left bove stock it would have been good. I would expect the same out of the CRF250. If left stock it would a good engine.

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        William Martin

        Seems like two-strokes are making a comeback in the motocross world…maybe that will prolong the supply far better than kart racing could hope for.


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      Mark Lockett

      Lo206 to a 125 shifter will be quite a leap lol

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