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      I am the executor of my fathers estate and have a racing kart to sale but I am unsure of the market value. I hope this is OK to post here.   Mods can move or delete if not with my complete blessing.  I know little about the karting world.

      The kart is a 2009  CRG Kali shifter chassis with front brakes and a 50mm axle. The engine is a PRD Fireball 125cc  water cooled 2 cycle. He bought it new from CRG the summer of 2009 for $5600. It has a battery and starter which I believe means it is a TAG kart. It also has a replacement steering wheel with electronic gauges. I know he spent about $500 for that and I can follow up with the details later.   The kart basically brand new and I have all the documentation that came with it.  He took it to a track only two times on practice days and then had some health issues that never allowed him to run it again. My father died this fall and I need to sell this kart but have no idea what to price it at.  Spring is only 6 week away and I figure that is the best time to try and sell it.  Kart is located in Northern WV/Pittsburgh area.  Thanks for any input anyone might have.



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      David Cole

      Hello Gino,

      Check out the Pittsburgh International Race Complex. They may be able to direct you in the right path toward selling the kart package. The price varies on the quality of the products.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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