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    Dustin Flores

    Need help with picking a kart chassis. Do I go with a 2014 FA Kart, 2014 Praga Techno or my 2001 Birel CR32V? I’m only running 6 race’s this year but it will be in the LO206 class. What would you guys recommend? All 3 are supported where I live.


    Thank you

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    Jon Romenesko

    Depends.  They could all likely be fast, it’s going to largely depend on what sort of tires you will be running.  We run a very hard tire (Duro) in our club, and that seems to favor a softer chassis.  If it’s a softer tire, you might be able to get away with a stiffer chassis.  The OTK chassis (FA Kart) seem to respond well to the LO206 and a hard tire around here.


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