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    Lou Pirro

    Just purchased this kart,and was told it was PTK. Problem is now I need parts  and am told PTK  didn’t manufacture kart. I need to find out who did. I have included photos . There is also a photo of the wheels the kart came with ,can anyone help with a brand? Thanks in advance, it sucks being new at something.If it helps kart came with a KT 100.

    What kart is this?

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    CRG manufactured Paul Tracy Kart

    But that thing looks like anything from SKM would fit

    What parts are you looking for? Many older karts parts are interchangeable.


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    Rob Howden

    I believe that Mike Wilson also built the karts at one time. I would suggest contacting Tim Pappas for more information.

    Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden

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    Rob Kozakowski

    Early PTK’s may have been the Zartarian-designed “Tracker” chassis (later KRT), built by MW, then PTK went to CRG, then OTK, if I’m not mistaken.  This looks like an older one.

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    Lou Pirro

    Thank you all for your responses.

    Freddy, I’m not sure what SKM stands for? I am specifically looking for a caliper repair kit or caliper and a front wheel to match the one I have in the picture in the post.

    Rob, I’ve sent a PM to Tim asking for his opinion .


    Rob K, I will do a search for Tracker and see what comes up.

    Again ,thanks all.

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    Brian Mead

    Lou – Have you posted on the want to buy section in the forums? Everybody has stuff to move, if you were to put a wtb with some photos you might turn something up.

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    SKM was a line of karts, chassis, and many components back in the early year 2000’s, that are still available out there.

    They were kind of like the Righetti Ridolfi line of chassis parts

    Although the more I look at your pictures, it looks more and more like a KRT chassis.

    Honestly for that era anything would fit

    Just remove the caliper pistons and seals, fins out what size they are, and place an order on any of these vendors below. Please note that if the caliper cylinders are too badly pitted you may have to replace the whole thing, but if they’re ok, then a re seal job will do, don’t forget to do the master cylinder also, as those parts do fail about the same time. Hope that helps. FastFreddy



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    Rob Kozakowski
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    Michael Valiante

    Hi Lou,

    We believe the are SKM calipers and seals.  You can see the list of the calipers here  http://www.italianmotorsusa.com/collections/calipers-1 We also have the seal kits if you need them.



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