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      brian heaton

      Just getting into the karting scene.  so I am learning as I go.  I also have very limited knowledge about carbs.

      I got into a bad car accident awhile back and have a bad leg  Not only this but I do my karting myself,  so  setting the kart to idle will be helpful to me right now.

      Here’s the problem, when I set the carb to idle, about 20 clicks (I have the carb where idle is set by turning the choke knob cw or ccw), the engine is bogging down when I get into the power band. I went 20 clicks back to normal and everything is fine.

      Is this a jetting issue? Or do I need to adjust something else on the carb?

      Thank You








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      tony zambos

      for my enlightenment, what kind of carb is this and what kind of motor is it. Most 2-cycle kart engines won’t idle. And if you set the carb to idle, more than likely you’re running too rich to run on the track. Way back, I did use a piece of a match book cover under the butterfly stop to keep the plate partially open and the engine idling. On the first blip of the throttle, the match book cover was gone.

      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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      brian heaton

      My bad… I’m running a cr125, with a Keihin PWM. I believe my kart mechanic, set it up to run rich so I can run the top end longer between rebuilds.  I don’t plan to race any time soon,  so getting it to idle would be a great help.


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      Noah Stark

      What pilot and needle are you using? If you set the PWM to idle, you can easily cure the issues you are describing with minor changes.

      Idle is around 20-24 clicks out, pilot 55-58, CCJ, CGJ, CGK needle P4 or P5.

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