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      Hello I just bought an 08 crg road rebel chassis, and bought the rest of the parts seperate to build a cr125 stock moto, the chassis is brand new and has never been tuned, i was wondering if anyone could give some advice on initial set up for the chassis, like engine placement, chassis stiffness, camber/caster etc..


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      Troy V Smith

      Alex – not sure if this is specific to your chassis – but should help a bit.

      If this is your first shifter, I’d just suggest to get out there and get a few practice sessions in before worrying too much about tuning the chassis. If it is a new chassis – it is most likely setup on a proper baseline anyway. Have fun with it, get comfortable with it, then worry about working into its finer tuning capabilities. Tuning a chassis can be very difficult until you yourself become consistant.

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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