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      michael crawford

      so this one is for my daughter and I. I got it for free, with the promise that its going to a good home.

      my daughter is currently 5. will be six in January. she has asked to start going to the races with me, and wants to run the karts like she sees the other kids doing. she already drives the big wheels stuff pretty good, so she has some basic fundamentals. next is getting her going in the fields and parking lots, and working her way up to the autocross stuff.

      anyway, here are pictures of what I scored.

      first is to identify it. next is to get the spare horizontal shaft engine mounted up, as well as figure out hubs, brakes, and wheels. after that, figure out seating, and blow it apart for paint/resto.

      then see how it does.

      the front spindles are 3/4, the rear is a live axle with a 1 inch axle with keyway, that steps down to 3/4 for the threaded ends. what do I need to pick up?

      please keep in mind that this is a beer budget redo. used and cheap are my best options here. not trying to make it truly competitive or anything, just go out and have some fun with my kid.


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      Scott Sigafoos

      The kart is a Hornet Allegra enduro kart. Made in 1968 or 1968. Made in Waco Texas.

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      michael crawford

      wow. that was quick. thank you!!


      would it be worthwhile to resurrect it for our purposes?

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      Scott Sigafoos

      PM sent

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      Ted Hamilton

      Michael — where are you located? I have a copy of a Rupp A-Bone that would be a great starter kart… I’d make you a killer deal — cheaper than the parts you’ll need to resurrect that. Plus there’s enough “tidying” up to do on mine that you could still treat it like a project although it’s a “runner” now.

      Let me know if you’re interested.

      2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100

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      Walt Gifford

      I would sell that to someone interested in restoring vintage karts and buy a modern used kart that’s already running or very close to it. It’s way too big for a kid anyway.


      FAA certified jet engine and aircraft technician,
      Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
      Yamaha KT100 Service Center,
      41 years karting experience

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      Dan Schlosser

      Neat project but definitely not something for a 5 year old. Have fun restoring it and teaching some basics mechanics through that but find a Kid Kart to learn driving with. Sized more appropriately with a safer seat, pull start, low horsepower and front end geometry that makes it easy for the younger kids to operate.



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      Brian Mead

      Those tanks scream enduro, or laydown kart. +1 swap for something else.  Plus don’t forget, your dealing with 45 year old metal.

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      Richard Kirlin

      I would just restore it to have around and maybe run it in the vintage class youself, as for your kid I would buy a kid kart and have fun with it at the track.

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      Jack Gesler

      I have been involved with karts for many years.  Your Hornet Enduro kart would be very expensive to restore ($1,000+).  And, there are few places to run or race it.  It has a few salable parts (Spindles, tank, etc.)

      Look at a local track for a Kid Kart with a Comer engine.  Older used ones are cheap and would fit a tall 5 yr. old, be cheap to run, and you would have many places (Tracks) to run it.

      Or, the vintage kart above would be a lot of fun, but not as many as many opportunities to drive it.

      In 1970 I drove a C-Open (270cc alky) Hornet Allegro Shark.  If I still had it I would have no interest in restoring or racing it again.

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      Steve O’Hara


      Parking lots and fields are no place to introduce a child to karting. Even seemingly well organized events can be dangerous when an inexperienced driver is involved. This link leads to a tragic story that serves as a reminder of how quickly things can go wrong.


      I’m all for introducing kids to karting but it should be done with properly designed and prepared equipment that is suitable for the age and experience of the driver and the driving should be confined to properly designed and maintained dedicated racing facilities.

      The chassis you have there is designed to fit an adult laying down and will sit about 1″ off the ground if fitted with typical kart tires and wheels. The kart is intended to be used on large road racing circuits and will not turn sharp due to the long wheel base. It would be worse than starting from scratch to convert it to a machine that suits a 6 year old driver.

      Hope you take the good advice offered here by several well intentioned posters and re think your plans.


      Steve O’Hara





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      michael crawford

      we have definitely decided that this kart is too much for her, and more of a project than I want to tackle at the moment. thank you all for the help.


      anyone know if its worth trying to part out/sell? help me fund the correct kart for my daughter?

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        Nils H gustafson

        Hello Mike; I would b interested in enduro kart ,if you sell ? thk/u. gus.

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      Steve O’Hara


      Part it out on ebay, some of the pieces will generate some interst.

      That Margay throttle pedal will attract plenty of attention and more so if you can find the mate to it. The tanks might get some attention and the same for the spindles.

      The rear axle, sprocket hub, swing mount, brakes will also sell.

      You can also post information about the kart on the vintage karting sites… here are some links…




      Good luck!

      Steve O’Hara


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