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      Taavi Koppel

      I bought a set of front brakes form ebay. Sadly the right side stub axles is missing and I try to find a new one or replacement for both of them.

      I contacted the seller to try and find out what kart these game from but no luck. The Brakes have no further markings, just the SKM logo. The distance of the bolt holes to connect the brake caliper to the stub axle/spindle is 35mm.

      Where can I buy stub axles that support front brakes and have the right mounting holes and distance.



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      George Young

      Almost certain it came off an alpha kart. I use to sell them. Call John at Fastech. I think his site is Fastech-racing. Com. Vintage is about 2001 to maybe 2004. Italkart stuff should work fine. He handles Italkart stuff. See if there is a dot on the top of the spindle right before the bolt. There is either no dot , one dot or two dot. Denotes inclination of the king pin. Just match that up and you should be fine.

      george young

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      Michael Valiante

      Hi Taavi,

      It was manufactured by SKM as you can see by the markings on the spindle.   We have the replacement parts for this set up on our website under the brake section.  http://www.italianmotorsusa.com/



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      Taavi Koppel

      I am thinking that this is the right spindle/stub axle. Can any of you confirm?

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      George Young

      Taavi, yes and possibly no. I would deal with Italian motors. Why make life difficult for yourself. Italkarts and the alpha use the same components and Michael is very sharp with the vintage you need. The Componet  shown probably has the wrong kingpin inclination. Ph2   Again look and see if you have no dots on the top of the spindle, one dot or two dots. It’s a depression in the top right before the bolt section. Just call Michael and take advantage of his experience. Save yourself trouble

      George Young

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      Walt Gifford

      What kind of kart are you putting these on? Can you mount the one you have and see if the camber looks close to zero?


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