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      Frank Cire

      Hi All,

      I bought this kart without knowing anything about it.  It’s an enduro with dual engines, KT100s when I bought it.  The kart was about 95% complete just missing the pipes.


      Some details that might help with an ID:  purpose built dual, not a conversion;  dual rails with no waist; dual rear brakes with Hurst/Airheart 170 calipers; belt driven with two engine mounted Hartman clutches; no front brakes; front steering shaft mount is a threaded bushing and not a bearing; top member of the “front porch” is attached to uprights on the front axle by heim joints; the rear steering shaft mount is a heim joint fixed to a plate having two upward curving support posts; belt heat guard/seat mount is chromed with faint “YAMAHA” markings; belt drive guard is nicely done, but the mounts look like homebrews; the welding on the chassis was of good quality but the welding on the tanks was excellent; one of the KT100s was reversed so that both clutches were inboard; and all of the bolts were crossdrilled and either cotter pinned or safety wired, so I think it was a serious beasty.

      I cannot find any markings on the chassis itself and the only sticker was a generic IKF sticker.  It has a Digatron DT-6D (not a 6E, it has dual temp inputs that are switchable with a single RPM input).

      My plan is to restore the kart and maybe run it in a vintage event.

      -Thanks in advance

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      Greg Wright

      Not sure but at first glance it looks like the Kobra kart that was available for a short time in the early 70s, particularly the fuel tanks. Never saw more than a few of them. Can’t remember right now who made them.

      Greg Wright
      Rapid Racing Inc.
      Vintage B-Stock Pilot
      "When in doubt Gas it, It won't help but it ends the suspense."

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      Frank Cire


      thanks, I will try and search for Kobra.  My kart has some strange design features, most notable to me are the central rails and the way the front spindles are built, they carry the “ears” that mate with a vertical cylinder of the front axle.  The closest thing I have found by searching pictures is

      Mid-Ohio 2013 – Vintage Enduros!!!

      fifth picture in.  The tanks are wrong but the frame geometry looks close and the front spindles look like they may be the same.

      More pics of front spindle, rails and rear end:

      Thanks for the tip.

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      Robert Lawson

      Usually all kart brands have a signature or calling card design of some part or piece. Sometimes its a small item other times it is chassis related.


      It may be because it is a twin that makes it so strange, the rear headrest mounting/belt guard combo is something I’ve never seen. All that might be due to the location of the rear calipers too. The tanks have a Bug Wasp look to them but it would have a wishbone front axle.


      I think you have a “custom”, it looks a bit mixed.

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      Frank Cire

      Yes, maybe.  I’ve also had an ID of a Kobra and a Bug Spider.  It has bits and pieces of all of those but not all of any of them.  It’s kind of like having a mutt, yet I want to enter him in the dog show.  I’d like to enter it into a vintage kart road race, but if I can’t prove it’s age, I won’t be able to.

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      Robert Lawson



      Its pretty safe to say its easily an early 80’s model for sure, if not older. The 1″ tubing dates it back at least that far. Straight front axle and threaded steering shaft make me want to lean more to the mid/late 70’s.


      Good Luck with it!

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        Frank Cire

        On Vintagekarts.com, it has been decided that it is a combination between a Bug Spider (based on the axle and brake configuration) and a Caretta Works (based on the front end configuration and spindles).  The KT100s that came with the kart are very early, they are both straight shafts and I think one of them may also have sand cast casings.  The tanks are definitely Bug Wasp tanks.  Given all that, I place the kart late 70’s.

        I don’t think it is a true custom as the front end has multiple pedal locations and the quality of construction is overall very good.  I am thinking that it was project by Bug and Caretta Works to create a low cost enduro kart.  The Carettas had an axle housing with integral bearing mounts that could not have been inexpensive to build, and Bug had just transitioned to a wishbone axle which would have been more expensive to build than the Carettas straight axle.

        That being said, what to do with it?  Too old to race, too young to be vintage.  As a first step, I think I am going to restore the driveline.  There are some design details associated with the dual inboard drives that I would like to meditate upon.  Wisdom of the ancients and all.  Then I’ll put the driveline away and put a tag engine on the kart.  That way I can make a left hand mount with an inboard drive without having to provide for LH starting.  I’ll use one of my obsolete Rotaxes (Rotaxi?)  I bought the kart for the tuck and roll upholstery anyway.  Thirty years from now, someone can buy it out of my estate for $5, slap a coat of paint on it, and then put it up on ebay as a “very rare estate find, pristine condition vintage kart, possibly a Bug Spider or Caretta Works enduro.”

        Actually, as I have discovered, the Internet is very malleable.  When I started my quest for the identity of the kart, Google didn’t return any search results that were all that useful.  Now if I Google “enduro kart Bug Spider” my kart comes up in the images.  All I have to do now is continue to flood the Internet with posts associating my kart with “Bug Spider” and my kart will become one.

        Well I’m off, I’m going to associate pictures of my wrecked out ’99 Honda Prelude with the term “Jaguar XK-E” and then sell the Prelude on ebay for enough to retire on!

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      Dwain Parks

      Posted by Dwain Parks on Saturday, June 30, 2012

      The link is to a 1971 Kobra C Open dual that I have for sale on my group on facebook.. It has a lot of the same features that your kart has,  Possibly yours could possibly be like a B-Stock Kobra?  Most of the stuff is close, just kinda lighter duty?

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