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      Jeff Fitzgerald

      Newbie here. Just acquired a shifter kart from a buddy who used to run it in JAX florida. The tag on the frame says it is a CRG Daytona Heron, CIR-ICA ICC, 99-02 03  2793. It has a KX125 motor on it.

      Kart runs great but long story short kart came off trailer while being hauled and hit a guardrail. Frame is bent on right front where it hit. Right front wheel is bent back due to frame being bent. I can post pics if this forum allows. I need advice on if this can be fixed or should I be looking for another used frame to bolt everything back on to?

      All the research I have done on this frame it seems to be an older model that is not made anymore. I am just getting started and hate to have to sink a bunch of money into a frame, would prefer to find a used one or get this one repaired.


      Any advice on this frame?



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      Mike Clark

      Pics would really help.

      Your location and your ability to ship the frame would also come into play.

      I know the shop @ Nola Motorsports Park has a frame table and is a CRG shop.

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      Jeff Fitzgerald

      Thanks Mike I will contact Nola if I need to I can ship them the frame no problem.

      Thanks for all the tips. I live near Charlotte NC and there is a track, GoPro Motorplex that hosts races. I may take it up there and have them take a look. I do know of a couple local places that build frames, mini dragsters, etc. that I may see if they can fix it.

      I do have the ability to strip it and ship the frame via motor freight anywhere in the country through my work so maybe that is an option. I will post some pics after I get home tonight.

      Thanks so much for all the tips! Yall are awesome. I really want to get this fixed. Just glad no one was hurt when this thing went airborne off the trailer.


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      Tim Koyen

      Depending on how bad it is, most of them can be straightened.  I’m sure there are places locally that would be able to do it rather than ship it across the country.  Go to the Motorplex in Mooresville and ask them.  They may do it there, otherwise I’m sure they can direct you to someone who can.

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      Jeff Fitzgerald

      Good morning all, thanks so much for the comments and help. Here are the pictures of the frame. Looks like it took a direct hit in the front member causing the right front wheel to move backwards. This is not a one piece frame it is almost like it has a front subframe that bolts into 2 tubes.


      Let me know what you think after looking at the pics. Follow this link.





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      Rob Kozakowski

      When most frames get bent, generally, one front corner ends up sitting higher than the other.  That can normally be straightened pretty effectively.

      It’s really hard to tell from the pictures, but in this case, it almost looks like the entire corner “buckled” where the big issue is that one front corner is now sitting further back than the other.  From what I can see in the pictures, I’d probably say this frame is done.  But that’s just what I can guess from some pictures.

      Being that it’s an older chassis, some would argue that the frame should be “done” anyways.

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      Chris Reinhardt

      Yah, anything is fixable, that frame isn’t fixable….  The main front tube is not bent, it’s kinked, which means it has to be replaced, along with the front porch, and at least the right side bar.  It’s a bread box chassis, so it’s pretty old at this point.

      And even if you did find somebody to spend the time to repair it,  the chassis would never handle the same, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be cheap….

      I’m sure you have some money into it, sorry to say, your best bet is to write it off…..

      One thing you could do is look for a Road Rebel with rear brakes only, the chassis are usually a lot cheaper, and swap your stuff over….



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      Jeff Fitzgerald

      Thanks for all your help guys!! I am now looking for a frame that I can swap everything over to. Guess it doesn’t have to be a CRG but the less work I have to do to make everything fit the better.

      It is a CRG Daytona Heron, CIR-ICA ICC, 99-02 03  2793. It has a KX125 motor on it.

      Please does anyone have a frame or roller they are willing to sell?

      I am in NC but can have it shipped from anywhere. I don’t need anything new or top of the line, just want to get this back going!!!!






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      Curtis Cooksey

      Jeff, we have a 2009 CRG KT-1 shifter frame only that we could sell for $1000.


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      Eric Alexander

      Hey Jeff, I just noticed on eBay an auction for an older CRG frame that looks identical to the one you’re trying to fix.  Might want to hurry and take a look.  I searched “CRG Kart” and its newly listed.  Here’s the link but I’m not sure if its proper to link to the auction site from here.  FWIW, this is not my auction.  Just trying to help a fellow karter.


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      tony zambos


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      Mike Clark

      Well, first off I am no expert at all. I know anything can be fixed but not necessarily in a cost effective manner. It looks bent fairly far back from the pics.

      I would locate a shop that says it can fix it & get a price. Compare that to a used roller. You might come out ahead on a used roller due to the extras that you get. What you have to watch on repairs is the the scope of the repairs quoted becomes more than they thought & you end up with a bill close to what a used roller would have been. Of course used can have problems too. I have not been in this game long but have seen a lot of used ‘race ready’ karts that aren’t. “all you have to do is add gas & go” is a good way to take a ride on the crash wagon. Sometime parts for older kart are a pain to get also, brake pads being one. It can usually be worked around by pulling out your wallet and some sweating, but that’s racing.

      Either way good luck on this. I would love to follow the outcome. I know some guys here (New Orleans)  that have rollers for sale if you decide to go that route, but seeing what you can do locally makes sense.

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