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    Thor Mauthe

    So I need to get my 8 year old a new helmet. Currently he’s running the Vega but we’d like to move up to a Bell. The karts are getting faster and I just think it’s a better helmet. My question is if he can wear an adult size. He fits in a adult small right now when there junior helmets are thigh. I know the IKF rule talks about junior helmets. My concern is that he doesn’t fit the youth helmet so can he wear a adult small and be legal?

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    Jim Russell, Jr

    Go to a shop with the helmets in stock.

    Try them on.

    Most important with the helmet buckled. Try and pull it off his head from behind. You should be able to pick an 8 year old off the ground and the helmet stays on.


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    Mike Beeny

    A few things to consider are weight and shell size.

    The  Bell GP2 Youth helmet comes in 4 sizes and will also come in colors other than silver for 2014.  The Bell is also very light weight which is important if the driver ever gets in a big crash.

    Just as important as the weight of the helmet is the shell size.  In my opinion you never want the shell size of the helmet to be wider than the neck collar.  The neck collar plays a major role on protecting the collar bone in a roll over accident.  If the shell of the helmet is wider than the neck collar the edge of the helmet will make contact with the collar bone.


    Mike Beeny

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    Walter Kaihtu

    Thor, Cameron has been using an Impact Mini Vapor for the last two years. Great helmet that can be adjusted to still fit as your kids melon grows. High quality but a little heavy.  Shields as a little pricey but it was a great cadet helmet. We’re moving up to a Bell as it’s getting a little snug.

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    Thor Mauthe

    Thanks for the info. Ended up with a Bell K1. It was the only thing they had in stock that fit him. Funny how all of the sudden that he has a new helmet he mentions that the old one hurt when he wore it.

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    Joe Ricard

    We had the same issues finding a helmet to fit a “too big for the Bell star” and too small for an adult XS.   Ended up with the Pyrotect Pro air that has several different cheek pads and crown spacers.  Basically custom fit when ever big red marks start showing up on forehead or his cheeks are doing the “fish face” .

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