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      Hello everyone, we’ve got a GForce Junior helmet we’ve been using for about a year and a half and have been very happy with it.  Recently, I tried removing the shield to clean it and noticed that the threaded insert used to hold the shield on now spins in place.  I was able to get the shield off but now am looking for a way to repair this.  I called GForce and really didn’t get any help.  They also didn’t have any new helmets (really don’t want to go that route) in stock to sell.

      Have any of you come across this before?  If so, any suggestions on how to repair this?  Any advise is appreciated.

      Thanks, Darren

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      Mike Clark


      I’d had have to see it to be sure, but I think it could be done with some Permapoxy Plastic Weld. The stuff is amazing and smells about ten times worse than PVC glue.


      I have used it to adhere plastic to metal with outstanding results. I got mine at the Kmart on Clearview. (Elmwood Shopping Center)

      I’m 10 minutes from the track if I can help you let me know.

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      Thanks Mike, I’ll give it a try.

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