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      Ambrose Buldo

      Looking for a suggestion on a inexpensive Helmet. It will be used mostly for Pratice, so does not need to be SA, MA Or K Certified. I’m thinking a motorcycle helmet will do.

      Looking to get one for this weekend via an on-line vendor (Like RevZilla, CCC. Karting Vendor with quick shipping, selection and good return policy).

      I don’t have time or ability to get to a shop to try on. I’d order what would fit best in accordance with sizing chart. I’ve never had issues with helmet fitting my head/head shape well. What I am challanged with is the combiniation of helmet and Leatt Neck Brace. Regardless of how I adjust the neck brace (Even removed the padding) it interfears with the helmet. I have same issue even if I run foam donut. Only thing comfortable is no neck support at all. I don’t wnat to run without the LEATT.

      I think I have a combo of short neck, sloped shoulders, big neck. Looking for helmet suggestion on a helmet with miniminial material in the chin area suited to the slightly reclined position used in a Sprint/Tag Kart. I’ve found that some of the cheap VEGA Helmets used by Arrive and Drive Rentals at the track are actually better then my Current Scopion or Bell Helmet.

      If I can’t get issue sorted, I may have to get a more upright seat (Alough current Tillet is set to Mfg specs).

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