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      Chuck hurlbert

      I am looking into some helmet restraints but am confused on how they attach to a helmet that doesn’t have an attachment point already installed. I need something to reduce fatigue bc by the end of a session in my shifter I’m a limp noodle.

      Link would be nice

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      Chuck hurlbert

      Is it that simple? And legal?

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      Bill Cox

      I’ve used the Simpson strap that David shows for several years now…in addition to strengthening the neck and shoulders in my regular workout routine.  Both have made a major impact to reduce the “neck noodle effect.”  I have clips attached to both sides of my Bell GP2 helmet; two straps.  Only ocassionally have I used both straps at the same time.  The straps do limit the ability to turn my head to look beside me.  But I work around that limitation.  The straps make a major difference in long, high Gs turns.  I only road race.

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      Chuck hurlbert

      Thanks guys. I ordered a set of those last night. Thats what I was referring to from the beginning but that video was the only thing I could find.

      Just surprised drilling in to the helmet is approved.

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      Chuck hurlbert

      I just have a basic $90 helmet.

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      Bill Cox

      Chuck: I’m not critical of your choice of a $90 helmet, and I’m not hijacking the subject; however, driver safety equipment is the most important consideration in motorsports…in my opinion.  I’ve been upside down in a kart, quarter midget, and motocross more than a few times, and each time I was very thankful for the protection I was wearing.  What I wear is directly proportional to the risks taken in motorsports.  And I want to protect what’s inside the helmet, suit, rib protector, gloves and boots that I wear.

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      I use that Simpson strap that is posted. Works well.


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      Chuck hurlbert

      Bill, your opinion is correct in my book as well. as long as you are not making a correlation between price and protection factor. In safety equipment price has little to do with the protection factor of a properly working piece. What price does do is increase build quality which increases durability. It also increases comfort which increases the likely hood someone will wear it.

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      Rob Kozakowski

      To add to Bill’s statement, I’ve seen differing opinions on whether a $90 helmet can be as safe as a $300/500/700/900/etc. helmet.  Let’s just say that fit is critical with any helmet.  But…

      If you’re having that much neck fatigue, I’m going to guess the $90 helmet is probably making it worse… most $90 helmets that I’ve tried weigh “significantly” more than the more expensive helmets… where “significantly” means enough to be the difference between struggling to hold your head up and driving comfortably throughout an entire race.

      I know a helmet is a helmet and a suit is a suit, but if a less expensive helmet or suit is causing excess fatigue, I question how safe that really is.

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      Harrison Potsworth

      Leatt Brace man. I use the DBX Comp 4 for karting, works great!

      If your neck starts to lean, it hits the brace giving you some support, but you still have plenty of freedom to look around (important!).

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      David Cole


      A Head and Neck device is for seat belt cars, not for karting.

      What type of helmet do you have?

      You basically are looking to put straps from the helmet to your arms. Something like this:


      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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