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      Jeff Metter

      I have a slightly used Bell gp2. Anybody out there paint used helmets ??

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      Dan Brown

      Get ahold of Ted Hamilton at Hamilton Helmets. He is a kart racer and a great guy, he paints helmets, not sure if they have to be new or not.



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      Greg Wright

      TJ Koyen

      Greg Wright
      Rapid Racing Inc.
      Vintage B-Stock Pilot
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        Jeff Metter

        Yeah.. I thought of TJ …  i am not sure if he will paint a used one though..i know painters prefer new..fo sho.. Thanks Mate !!

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      Ted Hamilton

      I’ll do a used one….and have a zero wait time at the moment.  I won’t lie — TJ has sent out some better lids than I, but he charges more than I do too. :)  Ditto with Indocil Art, and Shell Shock.  All quality products and quality companies.   I’m a hobbyist, but have a design background and degree, so I like to think my work is decent.  I’m happy to give you a quote.  FWIW, my profits go back into my karting losses, so I don’t make any money in the long run! LOL

      And thanks for the referral, Dan. :)

      2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100

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        Jeff Metter

        Ted.. check your PM.. Thanks

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      TJ Koyen

      Hey Jeff,

      As long as the helmet doesn’t really have any chips or big scrapes it’s fine to paint. I use the “no used helmets” as a blanket statement because to most people, “used” means “I dropped it like a dozen times and haven’t wiped grease off it in 2 years.”

      I’m booked up until July at the moment. Go ahead and send it to Ted if you want it done sooner than later. :)

      Other good painters to consider:
      Polen Designs – http://www.polendesigns.com
      Censport GFX – http://www.censportgfx.com
      Ballistic Designs – http://www.ballistic-designs.com
      Smart Race Paint – http://www.smartracepaint.com

      Lots of guys doing stellar work out there right now!

      Driver/Coach/Wrench : Innovative Performance/Exprit
      Owner : Oktane Visual - www.oktanevisual.com

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      Richard Kirlin

      +1 for TJ Koyen…… his doing mine and I’ve seen the art work done to it and all I can say wow!!! can’t wait to get my new lid back:)

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      Brock Weiss

      +2 for TJ Koyen!

      He did my helmet three years ago and it still looks brand new. I definitely recommend him. I am going to have him do my son helmet later this fall because he does awesome work. Plus he is the nicest guy you will ever work with.

      I’m sure the other guys are good as well like TJ said but from what I’ve seen and heard TJ is one of the best

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      Walt Gifford

      Checking prices I think I’ll enjoy my pure white helmet and 4 sets of new tires.


      FAA certified jet engine and aircraft technician,
      Nicholson Speedway class champion 2001,
      Yamaha KT100 Service Center,
      41 years karting experience

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      Ted Hamilton

      You’re on to something with a white helmet — these days nobody has a plain helmet, so it’s the way to stand out from the crowd.   If you have to choose between fancy paint and parts to go faster, choose the parts.  If you want to feel faster, get the helmet paint.

      2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100

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      Samir Shah

      This is timely. Ted and TJ – my son has been bugging me to get his helmet painted. We’re waiting for fall when the 2015s come out before we get him a new lid – he’s 13, and we’re hoping to get 1 more year out of the current helmet by removing padding.

      Can you PM or email me with some price ranges, so I can budget it for it once we get a new helmet.

      Thanks, Samir




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      Ray Weisberg

      Does anyone know how to reach Alex from Alive Designs.

      I have been unsuccessful in my attempts.

      Does fabulous work.



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      randy ricklefs

      I paint helmets used to work for one of the shops here in so-cal,  i’ll do a used lid if its not to beat up or 1” of paint on it , Im usually not to booked up either.

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