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      Anthony DePalo

      I am looking for a good quality, lightweight helmet that is comfortable for wearing glasses, any suggestions? Was thinking about the Arai SK6 but I’m not sure if its good for someone wearing glasses.

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      Todd Renaud

      I’ve worn Simpson, Bell and never had issues. Even the ones with smaller eye ports. For me, I had to try the helmet on unfortunately to see as each pair of glasses fits differently. Mine were RX of course ,but more of a wrap-around kind.

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      TJ Koyen

      I’ve worn glasses with my SK6 many times and never had an issue. It will be different for everyone though, depending on your face shape and what your glasses shape.

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      Joe Ruch

      I wear mine under my Arai GP6 with no problems. Have also worn Simpson, impact, bell, hjc… I doubt you’ll have much of an issue with any helmet.

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      Peter Zambos

      I’ve used the SK5, the older-than-current Arai, and can concur, that they fit glasses nicely.  As I had used that helmet for quite some time, and wanted a change, I picked up a Shoei X-12.  Also accommodates glasses very well and is vented better than the Sk5, so better for those dew point days that lead to foggy glasses.

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      Mike Bray

      Here’s a hint for you.  I wear very expensive frameless glasses that I didn’t want to risk at the track.  Just get your prescription and go to one of the online eyeglasses sites and buy some simple and sturdy glasses for wearing in a helmet.  I used 39dollarglasses.com but there are several sites around.  Since I was only going to use these for karting I dropped the progressive part and had them tinted yellow for better daytime vision.  I received them in a couple of weeks and I think I paid about $60 total.  I wear them in a Bell Sport with no issues.


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      David Cole

      Sorry to high-jack the thread, but Anthony and Mike, please update your profiles. Your Display Name MUST be your first and last name. PM me if you have any questions. Thank you.

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