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    andy graham

    So we’ve decided to move into the S5 class and start learning to drive a shifter kart.  We realize there’s gonna be a learning curve, but we’re in no hurry, keeping it fun.  I noticed that the Hegar electric starter was now legal for skusa classes.  I was thinking that could make dad’s life much easier, and save my back at the same time.  Wondering if anyone has used the system, and how it worked for them.  Any S5 experiences with the electric start out there?


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    pro tip: teach the kid how to bump start the kart its super easy. 1. it saves your back and it teachers him/her how to restart the kart if he/she goes off track also it saves weight and cost. Also you should be more worried about taking the kart on and off the stand hurting your back. Them little kids are light weight so the kart will have to make up the difference in weight. If you need instructions on how to bump start the kart give me pm.

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    Greg Lindahl

    The above advise is a good idea if you’re physically capable.

    The Hegar starter is very handy and advisable to save your back.  It will be much faster than re-starting yourself.

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    andy graham

    thanks guys….been looking for a video of a bump start, pretty sure I know what that is, just not sure if he’s physically strong enough to pull in the clutch, run and jump in while dumping the clutch….and yeah, $650 for a starter is a chunk…but then again Dr bills can add up to that quickly…

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    Brad Johnson

    He wouldnt need the clutch, put it in neutral, run beside it pushing, jump in and bump to first gear. You can save your back in the pits by using a strap around the rear wheel.

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    Adam Gorrell

    I run the Hegar Starter on one of my Shifters. It is absolutely amazing. Keep in mind that the $650 Price Tag includes Starter, Shorai Lithium Battery, 2 Different Mounts (Bar or plate between feet), and wire loom. Well worth the money for sure. Just keep in mind since it goes seat side of the motor, depending on space, you may need the offset motor mount as well. If you do need that you will need the Offset Drive Gear also as well as an Offset J-Arm. Sine my seat and motor had not enough room I had to get the mount, gear, and j-arm as well. Super easy to install. Took me maybe 30 minutes and about 15 minutes to zip tie the wiring in place. If you can save up for one nice perk for your kart, I would say that would be it for sure.

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    Nazeer Khanani

    Do they make an electric starter for KZ 125 cc motors too? I would buy that in a heartbeat.

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