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    Ace Rossi

    looking to buy new or good used headrest preferably an Austin Henry but open for suggestions. Talked to him via text and he doesn’t have any nor will he be manufacturing any until maybe November!


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    Ace Rossi

    Decided to just make one on my own.

    Still not finished and I might have to cut more off the bottom to allow for more adjustment up and down but from what I’ve seen and cant acquire, I think this will work just fine!

    These pics show it just mocked together until I get the correct bolts I want which are button heads because the heads will be under the foam and I want them as flat as possible. The toilet bolts work just like I want but being brass I don’t want to chance them breaking but they were all I had to piece it together until tomorrow.

    I have easy vertical and horizontal adjustment.

    I made the plate from 0.90 aluminum which is rather stiff plus it’s mounted to the aluminum hoop.

    The foam was twice this thickness and splitting it was a challenge but thanks to some redneck ingenuity, it came out pretty good.

    Opinions please, good or bad! I need to know!

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    Ace Rossi

    Got the button head bolts I needed today and installed the mounting plate to the hoop.

    Glued the foam to the aluminum headrest backing plate and now we wait until sets up good before I finish sanding the foam to fit the backing plate.

    After that, it’s time to mount it to the seat for a trial fit.

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    Ace Rossi

    Headrest is mounted but final adjustment won’t happen until kart is back together. Total cost $4.50

    Opinions please, positive or negative would really help.





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    Brian Wilhelm

    Nicely done, but if you have an “off” and bounce up and come down on it, I see pain.

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    Ace Rossi

    I don’t really like pain so if you could enlighten me on what would make it better I would appreciate it .


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